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Chesapeake Bay

Securing clean water and protecting critical habitats in our nation’s largest estuary.

View from the end of a boat looking into the Chesapeake Bay. A small red buoy sits on top of a seaweed covered crab trap. A blue bin containing silver fish sits next to it.
Fishing Boat on the Chesapeake Bay TNC works with fishermen and communities in the Chesapeake Bay. © Jason Houston

One for the Bay

Your support will mean cleaner water, healthier habitat and more abundant life in the Chesapeake Bay.

Aerial view of meandering streams and wetlands.
Maryland's Fishing Bay Aerial photograph of the wetlands in Maryland's Fishing Bay Wildlife Management Area. © © Alan W. Eckert

The Chesapeake Bay's watershed—the area of land that feeds all the water draining into it—encompasses 64,000 square miles of streams and rivers, forests, farms and cities.  

The map and stories below highlight the variety of ways that TNC is working across six states—Delaware, Maryland/DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia—to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Promoting sustainable agriculture practices that keep nutrients on farm fields and out of waterways.
  • Reducing urban stormwater pollution through innovative partnerships and green infrastructure solutions.
  • Working with partners to deploy smart pond technology that anticipates rain events and adjusts water levels and storage volumes.
  • Bringing back the bay's keystone species, the oyster, through aggressive reef restoration efforts.
  • Restoring wetlands and the critical services they provide to help prevent flooding and absorb sediment and excess nutrients.
  • Tackling climate change through our policy work and government relations efforts.
  • Protecting 233,000 acres of land in the bay watershed.
Chesapeake Bay land map showing the boundaries of the six states in the watershed with pins marking TNC protected lands.
Chesapeake Bay Watershed Securing clean water and protecting critical habitat across six states. © TNC


As the world’s largest conservation organization, TNC’s work in the Bay watershed helps shape conservation programs around the world.

Chesapeake Bay

Bringing a global network of experience and knowledge-sharing to bear on Chesapeake Bay conservation strategies.


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