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Fundraising In Your Neighborhood

First State National Park
First State National Park First State National Park © Devan King/TNC

Whether you met one of our Fundraising Ambassadors through a phone conversation or on the sidewalks of your city, they are working hard to help us engage new supporters who share our passion for protecting nature.

How do you know that a fundraiser is legitimate?

These efforts are carried out by trusted professional fundraising agencies we partner with. All donations are processed securely and electronically for your convenience. 

On the phone, our Fundraising Ambassadors should always direct you to this page or to our toll-free Member Care line if you want verification. 

In your community, they’ll also be wearing an official nametag and have our Nature Conservancy logo on display like in the photos below.

Have more questions?  Contact our Member Care team at (800) 628-6860 or member@tnc.org.   

Quote: Alyssa Ortiz

I love working on behalf of The Nature Conservancy because the planet we live on is the only planet we have.

TNC Fundraising Ambassador
Fundraising Ambassadors in Nashville
Dedicated Team Fundraising Ambassadors in the Nature Conservancy's Nashville office. © TNC
Fundraising in Your Neighborhood
Local Events Fundraising Ambassadors connecting with the community at local events. © TNC