Renewable Energy Transition

The Purpose-Driven Toolkit

A market resource to accelerate environmentally and socially driven clean energy procurement

A fan-throated lizard, head held high, stands on rocks in arid desert, with wind turbines in background distance.
Wildlife & Renewable Energy A fan-throated lizard stands guard over his territory. Photographed in Satara's Chalkewadi plateau, which is the site of one of the largest wind farms in this region. © Sandesh Kadur/TNC Photo Contest

The Purpose-Driven Toolkit is an integrated suite of clean energy procurement resources, created over the course of a 1-year solicitation process by Rivian and The Nature Conservancy. It includes a sample Request for Proposals (RFP) template, Offer Form, and scoring matrix to allow clean energy buyers to align their solicitations with the “3C” principles – climate, conservation, and communities. These tools are intended for industry leaders to use and adapt, in a way that is consistent with their company values, to accelerate the adoption of purpose-driven clean energy projects. For more information on the 3Cs, please reference Beyond Carbon Free.

This toolkit is also included within "Power with Purpose: Driving Change Through Clean Energy Procurement," a case study by Rivian and TNC that shares lessons learned and best practices for applying the 3C framework based on a national procurement process. The study draws on organizational strengths and expertise of Rivian and TNC to develop guidance for other companies to meet their renewable energy needs while enabling system-wide 3C benefits.

The Offer Assessment Form 

The Offer Assessment Form is a template that buyer’s can use to assign value to a comprehensive list of non-price attributes of a clean energy project. The attributes fall under the 3C categories of climate, conservation, and community impact.  The form provides a standard scoring methodology and customization features that can be used if there are specific attributes that a buyer would like to prioritize. 

Download the Offer Assessment Form
(Excel spreadsheet 2.9MB) 

Cover of Rivian RFP Template
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The RFP Template and Narrative Questionnaire

The template and questionnaire provide standard language to help buyers communicate their preferences for 3C attributes in their initial Request for Proposals. This content is intended to provide an illustrative example of how an RFP (or bi-lateral) process can frame and highlight the purpose-led procurement model.  

Download the template and questionnaire
(PDF .5MB)